For shipowners

Our company affords complex service for shipowners such as:

Crewing department of our company affords complex service such as:
- selection of a high qualified seafarers
- checking documents of mariners about conformity with requirements
of international concord - checking knowledge of mariner about his post on board
- visa support
- booking tickets
- contact with agents
We will do everything that we can to make our shipowner’s work easier, by affording complex service, starting with selection of candidates until boarding them on a ship.

Chartering department of our company works with shipowners and cargo owners all over the world and takes leading position, especially in Black Sea basin. Increasingly our company works with grain cargos from Ukraine and Russia.

Representation and protection of interests of principal in harbor, that implements by maritime agent, provides accomplishment of all formalities of law and harbor rules and also supply of water, food, and fuel.

Supply department will afford all necessary equipment on board as soon as possible and offer competitive prices.